Customer experience

Give your customers the experiences they want.

Entirely smartphone based

No need to walk to a terminal to select songs

Remote Control

Volume/echo controls via mobile phone

No app download required

User-friendly website for song selection

Stability and reliability

Take back control of your KTV system.
We can handle it.

Efficient system backend

For your staff and control

Our platform allows your staff to work more efficiently to manage your KTV system with our backend system designed to work remotely with existing smart phones. This also allows you to have instant control.

Control the whole KTV from smartphones
Your staff will be able to control the whole KTV system from their smartphones

KTV owner easily pull up statistics for number of customers who use the system

Songs are automatically adjusted to the same volume
Most other apps have some songs that sound softer and some louder

Hassle Free Songs

Hassles Free Management
of the Song Library

Our platform allows you to have the most hassle free updating process and still allows you to have up-to-date and the most comprehensive song library with our technology

Most comprehensive song library 
Including English, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai songs

Youtube integration 
If you can’t find songs in our comprehensive library, you can still get them from YouTube

Automatic cloud updates 
No need to wait for monthly physical song updates

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Give your customers
the experiences they.

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